Identifying the Cause of Siding Damage

Answered by Jeffrey ~ February 3, 2010 ~ Comments

I've noticed that the paint on my wood siding is starting to crack and peel even though I just painted it within the last year or two. What could be causing this problem? Could it be the paint job or a bigger issue involving the siding? I live in Jacksonville, FL.

Ingrid F. ~ Jacksonville, Florida

Jeffrey Anderson

Siding DamageThere could be a few issues causing your problem. If the peeling problem exists only in a few areas, I would look for possible places where moisture could be getting behind your siding. It could be an area where caulking has separated, or where there is a split in your wood siding; however, if moisture is getting behind your siding it will eventually cause the problem you are describing.

The best way to correct it is to identify where the intrusion is taking place and fix it. Allow the siding to dry completely, remove the loose paint, prime the siding, and repaint. If the peeling is very bad, which could indicate a major water intrusion area, I would also inspect the interior of the house for any damage. Water getting into your insulation and sheetrock can cause mold.

If the whole exterior of your house has peeling paint, this may indicate other issues. It's possible the house was painted too soon after a rain, and the primer was placed over damp wood, which can cause it to not adhere properly. In Jacksonville, the paint freezing before it was dry should not be an issue.

There could also be a problem with the paint itself. If the paint is a major brand, I would talk the paint store where you purchased it, and see if they could have a manufacturer's representative take a look at it. In my experience, manufacturers are quick to respond to potential problems, as the last thing they want is bad publicity.

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