Icynene Insulation on the Attic Floor

Answered by Jeffrey ~ March 4, 2011 ~ No Comments

Situation: New construction, ductless HVAC system, therefore attic temperature not a significant issue. Standing seam metal roof, no insulation on the roof decking, venting attic. Is the Icynene a viable option and if so, what Icynene formula would be best?

Bob ~ San Marcos, Texas

Jeffrey Anderson

Hi Bob. I have never used Icynene in any of my homes so I can't recommend it. I also can't say not to use it as I haven't had any personal experience with it at all. I will say that whenever I am considering using a product I haven't used before I always do a lot of reading to learn about other people's experience with the product. Based on the information I have found on the Internet, I would not use Icynene in my home. Perhaps the stories on the Web are isolated incidents and for the most part Icynene is a good product, but I just don't know. I see stories about it not adhering and it being blamed on the installers using a bad batch of the product. I also see a story about a family having to live in an RV after their attic was done due to the fumes in the home. I see a story about having a problem with electric wiring after an attic was sprayed.

As I say these could be isolated incidents and they could be due to installation error, but I don't know. I do know that I have never had those types of problems with fiberglass or cellulose insulation and I have been using them for over 25 years as attic insulation.

My suggestion would be to see if there is an Icynene distributor in the San Marcos area and get a list of previous customers from them. If there aren't any local distributors, then expand a little farther into Texas. When you get a list, I would spend a few evenings on the phone to find out what previous customers think of the product. If all of your responses are positive, then perhaps the incidents on the Web are isolated and possibly due to bad installers. Based on that you may want to go ahead and use the product for your attic. However, if you get any negative responses, you may want to go with the old standbys of fiberglass or cellulose. It sounds like your attic would be ideal for either one.

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