I have maple doors and baseboard, all chopped up due to wheel chairs, etc.

Answered by Jeffrey ~ February 9, 2010 ~ No Comments

Can I stain maple with some kind of stain, and what would I use to bring its luster back. I do have that stick which erases some marks and it is good but not for a large job.

Dan ~ Reynoldsburg, Ohio

Jeffrey Anderson

Hi Dan, At lot is going to depend on what type of finish is on the doors and baseboard now. If you feel that the wood is natural, or the finish is almost non-existent due to age, then the wood may just need sanding. I would patch any deep gouges with a natural wood filler, and then sand everything with a 180 or 220 grit sandpaper.

If there is a stain or transparent finish on the wood, then you should remove that prior to refinishing the wood. Check in the paint department of your local home improvement store, there are a variety of products that are suitable for the task.

Once you have sanded completely, use a vacuum to remove all dust from the wood and adjacent areas. I personally prefer using tung oil as a finish on wood that I wish to remain natural looking. Tung oil is a good protectant, and while it will give the wood a slight golden hue, for the most part it allows the wood to show its natural beauty. If for some reason you decide you do want to stain the maple, there are many good stains available. Always try a stain, or even the tung oil, in a small out of the way place first. It's easier to change a small spot than redo everything, if you don't care for the finish.

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