Questions About HVAC

How do I reattach wires going from the thermostat to the fireplace?

I have a continental gas fireplace, and the wires from the thermostat to the fireplace have come disconnected at the fireplace. There are four wires: yellow, red, green, and black. There are three vertical terminal posts labeled from top to bottom TP TH, TP, and TH. Can you tell me which wires go where? Thanks.


Where do I start with renovations?

Our two-story Cape was built in 1944 with no heat upstairs and lousy insulation everywhere. The electrical service also needs to be updated, the bathrooms need serious renovations, and we have propane for heat and cooking. Finally, the house sits over a crawl space and the floors are cold. What fixes that? My question is - where do I start?


Is it normal for my exhaust fan to be connected to the dryer?

I went to replace the ceiling exhaust fan in our laundry room and noticed the dead fan and the area around it was warm and moist. When I took the fan out I felt the dryer exhaust coming through. The dryer was running. Is that normal for a ceiling exhaust fan to be connected in any way with the dryer?

- Jason

How can we keep our chimney insulated?

In our home - constructed in 1920 - the builders attached the plaster directly to a wood burning chimney that also has the furnace vented through it. (We have never used the chimney due to the flue being stuck in the closed position.) We are thinking the chimney's brick is causing a moisture and mold problem on that wall. How would we be able insulate that area and hang the drywall to keep the moisture from returning and causing this issue all over again?


How do I ensure square footage gets recorded with the city?

I have a sunroom in a house in CT that is approximately 280 square feet. I want to tap into my baseboard and add heat to the room. How do I do this so that the square footage gets recorded with the city? And if I put it in, when will I need to advise the city?


How do we keep our sunroom-turned-bedroom insulated?

We just had our second baby and are converting our sun room to an extra bedroom - it's perfect just as long as the weather is not too hot or too cold. How could we turn this hot and freezing room into a third and cozy bedroom?


Why does my house need mechanical ventilation?

We just put new windows in our house and paid to have more insulation in the attic and weatherstripping around the doors. The house seems very tight now (less drafts, more comfortable). Someone mentioned to us that we now need some mechanical vents to control air flow. Any idea on what this is?

How can I heat an existing room addition?

Our house has a cold room(add-on) that has no heat vent, what is a cheap and easy way to get heat in there. The rest of the house is heated with a gas furnace.

Sam S. - Chicago,IL

Installing radiant heat under hardwood floors

What is the proper spacing for installing 1/2" PEX tubing under 3/4-inch oak floors for radiant heat? I am putting the PEX piping into U-shaped aluminum, mounted on 3/4-inch plywood strips over a plywood sub-floor. Thank you in advance.

Can I run a gas line from our basement furnace to a garage furnace?

My husband wants to hook up a new furnace in our detached garage, but currently there is no gas line to the garage. He has dug a trench from the house to the garage and wants to install a new gas line. Is this safe? Any tips? Thank you.

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