How to Tell if Painting or Siding is Best

Answered by Brendan ~ February 24, 2010 ~ Comments

I live in a hot, dry climate, and my home's exterior paint fades and flakes. Would painting with a different kind of paint help, or would vinyl siding be a better solution?

Bob H. ~ Phoenix, Arizona

Brendan Fowler

If the paint is fading, you might want to consider using a different brand or a better quality paint for the exterior of your home. All paint will fade and oxidize over time, but if this is happening 1 or 2 years after the application of new paint, it may just be low quality paint. Flaking is generally due to poor preparation prior to painting. Surface preparation is probably the most important aspect of painting, poor preparation can lead to flaking.

Regarding siding vs repaint, this is really a matter of personal taste and budget. A repaint is going to be a whole lot less expensive than re-siding your home. Some people prefer the look of a painted house than that of a vinyl sided house. See what kind of budget you have to work with and decide on the look you want and see what you come up with.

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