How to Level a Stone Patio

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My patio is made of stones of different sizes and is very unlevel. My husband likes it because it looks natural, but it is very unlevel how can i make it smooth... a cement grinder?

Cathy ~ Beaumont, Louisiana

Jeffrey Anderson

Hi Kathy, I don't think a cement grinder is the answer to your stone patio issue. I have never seen a natural stone with a completely level surface, the closest would probably be slate or flagstone, but even they are a little uneven on their surfaces.

I don't think you are going to be able to successfully grind your stones flat. It would be a very long process and you would end up with a very ugly stone patio. It is possible to use a cement grinder to take the rough edge off an individual stone on occasion, but even then you have to be careful you don't ruin the look of the stone.

Your husband is correct that a stone patio with an uneven surface has a natural look to it, but it is possible to do a little leveling by adjusting the base under the stones. If you have a sand base, it is just a matter of taking up the stones and adjusting the sand as you are installing the stones again so that the tops of the stones are a little more even. If the base is concrete, you are either going to have a very large project ahead of you or you are going to have to learn how to live with an uneven stone patio.

I don't know how your husband would feel about this, but for a smooth patio you might want to give some thought to changing to brick pavers or paving blocks or one of the other similar products available for patios. I am sure there must be some landscaping contractors around Beaumont, Louisiana who can show you samples of the various products and you might even be able to see completed patios using them. These types of patios can be installed by contractors or by the homeowners if they like do it yourself projects.

That might be the only way you are going to be happy with the leveling of your stone patio or if you are able to hand pick some very flat flagstones or slate at a landscaping yard, you might be happy with those and be able to keep your husband happy by still having a natural looking stone patio.

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