How do I know a wall is load-bearing?

Answered by Brendan Fowler ~ February 14, 2010 ~ Comments

I would like to expand kitchen and in order to i need to remove 1/2 wall how do I find out if the wall is load bearing or what there is about 3 ft wall at 1 end and 1ft at other then space open in between the back form that area was an add on before i moved in.

Brendan Fowler

Load bearing walls are very critical structural elements within a house, you can not afford any amount of uncertainty in this issue. The only way to determine if a wall is a bearing wall, is to look and see what it is supporting. Even then, if it only appears to be supporting the mid-span of some ceiling joists and can be removed, by doing so you might be over spanning the joists in the ceiling which could lead to a sagging ceiling or even worse, a ceiling failure. Do not make any assumptions. So, my advice would be to consult with a structural engineer or a licensed contractor to verify the feasibility of your wall modification.

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