How to Install New Kitchen Cabinets

Answered by Jeffrey ~ December 1, 2009 ~ No Comments

I want to replace my existing kitchen cabinets with new ones. I plan to basically use the same cabinet layout. How do I go about removing the old cabinets and making sure that the new ones will fit in the same space? Where is the best place to find pre-fabricated cabinets that will fit?

Miranda R. ~ Minneapolis, Minnesota

Jeffrey Anderson

Replacing Kitchen CabinetsWhile there are many styles and finishes available from cabinet manufacturers, available cabinet sizes are pretty standard in the industry. Try doing a sketch of your existing kitchen and marking on the sketch the width of each cabinet prior to removing it from the wall. Also, before removing any cabinets, check to see where the previous installer used spacers or fillers between cabinets.

Measure these fillers to get an idea of how many, and what width, you will need for your new kitchen. It will also help to mark on your kitchen walls where the end wall and base cabinets are located in your kitchen layout, so you have a starting point for your new kitchen cabinets.

You should be able to purchase cabinets that will fit from any cabinet manufacturer or home improvement store. Just take your list of sizes with you, including a list of any fillers and trim you may need, and let the salesperson know you need to match the sizes.

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