How to Incorporate Green Remodeling

Answered by Jeffrey ~ March 9, 2010 ~ No Comments

I want to remodel my kitchen, but I want to incorporate green remodeling if possible. What options are available for passive and active solar and other green technologies in kitchens? I live in San Jose, CA.

Ron W. ~ San Jose, California

Jeffrey Anderson

Hi Ron, I am not aware of any solar energy technologies designed specifically for residential kitchens. However, I would think that San Jose, California would be an excellent area to use solar energy for your entire home.

There are many ways you can incorporate green into your kitchen remodeling, though. Kitchen appliances with the Energy Star rating are more energy efficient than other appliances, and may qualify you for a tax credit. There are green choices for flooring, such as reclaimed flooring, cork, or bamboo. Countertops are available which are made from recycled bottles. There is a company in California which manufactures them, and they are very attractive, and supposedly very durable. Choose cabinets that are made from wood with a Forest Stewardship Council certification, or have your cabinets custom made from antique reclaimed lumber.

Just about every step of remodeling, for any room in your home, now has green options. California should have many contractors who specialize in green building and remodeling, I would have several around San Jose come out and meet with you. Ask contractors if they have anyone on staff that is LEEDs certified or working on certification. This can let you know if they are committed to environmental design.

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