How to Go About Remodeling a Small Kitchen

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My kitchen is small and poorly laid out, and the appliances are old. I want to completely gut the kitchen and start over. Where can I find kitchen remodeling plans that will help me to determine the best layout for the space I have available? What plumbing and electrical considerations do I need to worry about?

Candice L. ~ Vallejo, California

Jeffrey Anderson

Remodeling a Small KitchenKitchen remodeling plans are available from contractors, remodeling magazines, and remodeling Web sites. There are also software programs available that allow you to lay out your own kitchen on the computer screen. My recommendation would be to meet with the kitchen designer at a kitchen design center or home improvement store.

These designers work with many customers and kitchens, and may have some ideas that could be very helpful for your situation. If you take a sketch with your kitchen measurements, the locations of any windows or doors, and a rough idea of the layout of your existing cabinets, the designer should be able to use that as a starting point to arrive at several possible new designs for your kitchen.

The main plumbing concerns in a kitchen are the supply and drain lines for your main sink, and any other sinks you may have. The major electrical line will be for your range, if it is electric. You may also have electric lines for a cook top, microwave, dishwasher, under cabinet lighting, garbage disposal, and kitchen outlets. If you have an unfinished basement under your kitchen, then changing the locations of your kitchen components should not be a major ordeal. But if your kitchen is over a finished room, or built on a concrete slab, changing the locations of the sink or range might be a little more complicated, and could involve some additional expense.

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