How to Go About a Roof Replacement?

Answered by Brendan ~ January 25, 2010 ~ Comments

My home in Phoenix, Arizona is a mission-style home with a tile roof. I am considering roof replacement with more modern materials. Is this a job I can do myself? What steps are involved in tile roof replacement, and what are the costs per square foot?

Peter ~ Phoenix, Arizona

Brendan Fowler

Roof Replacement in ArizonaI typically would not recommend attempting a re-roof on your own. Removing and reinstalling a roof is a dangerous job even though the process is fairly straight forward.

The typical steps on a roof replacement are as follows. Removal of the old roof down to the wood roof sheathing, inspection and replacement of any rotten or damaged wood, installation of new drip flashings and valley flashings if you are using them, installation of felt and other roofing underlayment, installation of roofing materials and roof flashings for roof penetrations.

Typical costs for a new asphalt composition roof are $120-$450 per 100sq.ft, depending on grade of shingle and the amount of flashings. Installation cost will vary depending on the size, pitch, complexity, repairs, accessibility and type of roof being installed.

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