How to Fix Patio Stones

Answered by Jeffrey ~ March 15, 2010 ~ Comments

We installed our own flagstones over our concrete patio in Macon. Now they've settled and cracked. I believe the surface has warped. Do you have a solution?

Howard J. ~ Macon, Georgia

Jeffrey Anderson

Hi Howard, Using flagstones for a patio can be tough. They are thin, and crack very easily if they are not supported properly. Water getting under them and freezing can also cause problems, but I wouldn't think that would be an issue in Macon, Georgia. I like using a concrete base, such as your concrete patio, and then spreading out about an inch or so of masonry sand. Spread it evenly over the concrete, and you can use the sand to level out the patio if it is uneven in areas.

I prefer using brick pavers or landscaping pavers, as they have a little more substance than flagstone, but flagstone will also work. Press each stone firmly into the sand, and use a level to keep the top of the stones even. You want a little fall away from the house, so the water runs off, but not much. Leave about 1/4-1/2 inch gap between the stones. When you are finished laying the stones, go back and sweep sand into the gaps. You may have to do this several times over a period of a week or so, until the sand completely settles.

This should give your flagstone enough support, and every spring you should spread a little additional sand in. The other alternative would be to have a landscaping expert come in and do the patio. They could do it very quickly, and probably very professionally.

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