How to Extend a Patio

Answered by Brendan ~ February 25, 2010 ~ Comments

I want to enlarge the size of my concrete patio in San Antonio. How do I pour additional concrete to tie into the existing patio and make sure I have good drainage?

Jim K. ~ San Antonio, Texas

Brendan Fowler

Pouring concrete to extend an existing patio or pouring concrete to build a new patio, involve all the same basic steps. First, you will need to lay out your new patio area and check the entire area for slope and determine the height of your slab. This is going to determine your drainage. You will want .25 inch of drop per foot of drainage away from your home. If you can't get the right slope you may have to install a drain in the patio. The entire drain will need to be installed prior to forming and pouring the concrete.

Once you have all of your layout and slab height determined, it is time to build forms, lay rebar or metal mesh for reinforcement, and pour your slab. This is only a very brief outline to give you an idea of what happens in the concrete pouring process.

If you have never poured concrete and specifically finished flat concrete, I would suggest consulting with a concrete contractor. Concrete is not the kind of thing that you want to make a mistake on, because it is very permanent and very hard to change.

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