How to Eradicate Black Mold

Answered by Brendan ~ March 14, 2010 ~ Comments

The bathroom in my Mobile home has a black mold problem. I've tried scrubbing the ceiling and walls - but the mold keeps coming back. A contractor suggested we put in a ventilation system to resolve the mold issue - but that only slowed the problem down. How can we eradicate this mold once and for all?

Simon D. ~ Mobile, Alabama

Brendan Fowler

Black mold eradication is tough at best. Once you see it in one room it has probably already spread to other rooms. In order to get rid of it for good you have to be certain that is not going to spread back to your bathroom from some other room of the house. During a cleaning process it is very important to seal off the room you are cleaning to prevent the mold from spreading.

There are many products available that are designed for mold clean up, try to pick one that targets your situation best. If you clean your entire home from stem to stern and you still have a recurring mold problem there is a good chance that there is a mold presence in the walls, attic or under floor that is leaking spores back into your bathroom.

If this is the case than the wall, ceiling or floor cavities will have to be treated for mold, which can mean some fairly extensive disassembly and mold treatment. Good Luck!

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