How to Convert a Covered Patio Into a Sunroom

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I have an existing covered patio, but my wife has decided she would prefer a sunroom. Are there any sunroom designs that would make it possible to incorporate the existing redwood patio cover into a sunroom? If not, how would I go about designing a conversion?

Naomi T. ~ Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Jeffrey Anderson

Convert a Covered Patio Into a SunroomYou should be able to use your existing patio and patio cover to convert into a sunroom configuration. Talk to a contractor or architect to ensure that the existing roof and patio slab are suitable for conversion.

If you are planning on doing the work yourself, you should take some pictures and measurements of the existing patio and roof, and meet with a draftsperson to get some drawings made of the sunroom you are hoping to end up with. You will need drawings for a building permit, and they will give you a good idea of how the finished project will look.

You can get ideas on possible sunrooms from magazines or remodeling Web sites. Contractors, architects, and drafts people should also have good ideas, and possible options you may not have thought about.

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