I would like to change the carpet in my basement, but it is glued down.

Answered by Jeffrey ~ February 11, 2010 ~ Comments

I have done a lot of work in my 40 year old house and all i have left is my basement rug. The rug is like an indoor - outdoor rug and it is glued down, yep glued down. I want to replace it but don't know how to get the old rug up. I need to replace it with something that can be picked up because in the spring my sump pump does work a lot at keeping water out!

Peter F. ~ Gilford, New Hampshire

Jeffrey Anderson

Hi Peter, Taking up glued down carpeting is a very labor intensive project, especially if the installers were liberal with the glue when it went down. Removing the carpet isn't the hardest part, removing the glue which remains behind on your basement slab is the tough part.

I usually start in a corner, and use a sharp drywall knife to separate the carpet from the slab. Once you get enough loose so that you can stand and pull on the carpet, it should start to come up a little easier. I usually stand on the carpet that is still down, and pull the loosened carpet back towards me. It goes more quickly if you have a helper that can go along with the knife, and assist where the carpet is resistant to parting from the slab.

Once the carpet is up, the real work begins. There are glue solvents available at retail flooring stores. I usually use a sprayer, like is used when spraying fruit trees, and coat the floor a little at a time. I then use a floor scraper, the type with a long handle and replaceable blade, and slowly work the glue off of the concrete. You may need several blades.

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