How should I settle a dispute with my roofing contractor?

Answered by Brett ~ April 14, 2012 ~ No Comments

My roofing contractor quoted me a price of $4000 for all labor and materials for my home's new roof. After the job was complete he tried to charge me $4300, claiming that he had added expenses for some plywood sheathing. Do I need to pay him the extra money?

angelo palmieri ~ west babylon, ny 11704

Brett Kulina

Angelo, if you do not have a detailed work agreement with your roofing contractor, then it may be difficult to determine who is ultimately responsible for the additional costs of your project. Keep in mind that unforeseen problems often arise during roofing projects, and it is not unusual for a roofing contractor to find damaged sheathing once the old roofing shingles are removed. On the positive side, at least your contractor fixed the unforeseen problems instead of just covering the damaged plywood with the new shingles. If your roofing contractor completed the job, and you are happy with the work, then I would suggest you pay the extra $300 and be confident that you probably won't have any more roofing expenses for the life of your home's new roof.

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