How Do I Replace a Leaking Skylight?

Answered by Brett ~ November 3, 2011 ~ No Comments

In 2000, I bought a home with a great skylight that sheds lots of light inside. However, the skylight started to leak shortly after moving in. I hired a roofer who fixed the leak, repaired the ceiling, and re-painted the area. The problem seemed to be resolved, but now it has returned again. I looked around the skylight and found lots of mold and also damaged portions of the ceiling. I plan on hiring a roofer, again, to fix the problem. But, I'm wondering if there is anything else I can do to stop it from happening a third time? Would it be better to just remove the skylight to prevent the continuous leaking?

Jackie B. ~ Stratford, CT

Brett Kulina

Jackie, it's not be necessary to remove your home's skylight, but you certainly have a problem that needs to be resolved. Most skylights are comprised of two parts, the base (or the curb) and the frame, which holds the glass and is designed to fit over the curb much like a lid on a shoe box. I am guessing that your skylight is leaking because the curb was not properly installed or is missing the correct flashing to prevent rain water from infiltrating through the roof.

Perhaps you should hire a roofing contractor to inspect the flashing around the skylight, checking for obvious problems, as well as subtle cracks in the flashing or the curb itself. When skylights are installed correctly, you can achieve a water tight seal that lasts for years.

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