How much would it cost to re-grade my yard?

Answered by Brendan ~ February 10, 2011 ~ Comments

I will be moving to Stafford, Virginia and I am trying to find out how much it would cost me to re-grade the back yard so that the water from my neighboors yard does not run into my yard?

Paula ~ Stafford, Virginia

Brendan Fowler

There are many factors that are going to affect the cost of grading your yard. How big is your yard? Can you get earth-moving equipment into your yard? Are you going to have to bring fill dirt into or out of your yard? Are there any local regulations or codes regarding changing the drainage of a lot? Are there any large rocks that may need to be moved? These are all issues that can dramatically affect the cost of what would seem like a simple little project. From out here in the mountains of California I don't think I could give you a very precise cost estimate for dirt work in Virginia without more specific details. I generally expect to pay between, $85 - $150 per hour for an operator and a piece of equipment that would be used for residential dirt work. A small yard may take between one and two days to re-grade as long as there is no need to haul dirt in or out. If you really want an accurate cost estimate for the work, I would contact local excavation contractors and get bids for the work you would like to have done. Good Luck!

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