How much would it cost to install hardwood floors?

Answered by Jeffrey ~ April 21, 2011 ~ Comments

I have approximately 1600 sq. feet. Currently there is stained concrete floors. How much would it cost to install hardwood floors?

Kelli A. ~ Ridgeland, Mississippi

Jeffrey Anderson

Hi Kelli. The cost of your flooring installation is going to depend on the type of hardwood you decide to use and the labor rates for flooring installation around Ridgeland, Mississippi. It doesn't sound like you would have a lot of floor prep involved regardless of which type of hardwood is put down, but 1,600 square feet of flooring is going to cost a fair amount just due to the size of the area.

The two primary types of hardwood that are suitable for a flooring installation over concrete are glue down and snap together. Both types are very DIY friendly if you are so inclined and comfortable using electric saws.

Snap together would probably be the easiest to install if you decide to do it yourself. All you have to do is put a moisture barrier over your concrete and then begin laying the floor. The pieces are held together with a tongue-in-groove system that allows you to just snap the wood pieces together. About the only cutting required would be at the sides of the room to fit the last pieces in each row. The quarter round trim installed around the rooms' base trim when the installation is complete also serves to hold the floor in place. You can even take this type of floor along when you move if you so desire.

The flooring installation of glue down hardwood is similar, but you spread glue on the concrete as you proceed and you will not be taking this floor anywhere after it goes in.

There are a lot of different wood types available with each of these flooring systems and that can affect the costs involved. If you have a contractor supply and install your glue down flooring, expect to pay about $8 to $12 a square foot. That range could go up or down depending on the wood species you choose and the labor rates around Ridgeland. If the 1,600 square feet you need installed has a lot of angles, that could also cause the price to vary.

Snap together flooring ranges in price from around $2 a square foot to $10 or more, and I would figure about $1 a square foot for installation if you decide to hire someone for the job.

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