How much would it cost to have the exterior of my house painted?

Answered by Jeffrey ~ November 15, 2010 ~ Comments

How much would it cost to have the exterior painted? My house is about 1000 sq foot. And is a one story home.

Amber ~ Houston, Texas

Jeffrey Anderson

Hi Amber, That's a great question because I'm in the middle of painting the exterior of my own home. The painting costs can vary quite a bit based on a few factors such as what condition the home's siding is in, how long ago it was painted, and if you plan on doing any of the work yourself.

The prep work is the hardest part to come up with an estimate for, especially without being able to see your home. If your home's siding is in rough shape and the old paint is peeling and cracking, then a painting contractor may spend more time sanding, scraping, and pressure washing than actually painting. If the exterior paint on your house is in pretty decent shape, then the prep work should go quickly with it being a one story home.

Doing your own prep work is one way to really cut down your exterior painting costs, but it's dirty work and many homeowners don't have available time to devote to the job.

Another factor that can affect your exterior paint costs quite a bit is the type of paint you decide to use. Just about every paint manufacturer has different grades of exterior paint and sometimes there is a pretty big difference in the pricing, but the cost per gallon only tells part of the story. I am using an expensive paint that costs $60 per gallon, but it covers very well and I don't need to use a primer so in the long run it may be less expensive than some cheaper grades. It's also supposed to last longer so if I don't have to paint as often, that could save me money,too.

Even if you plan to use a painting contractor, I recommend that you go by a paint store to see what types of paint are available, their costs per gallon, and the benefits of using each of them. If your existing paint job is in pretty good shape, you can expect to be able to paint 400 square feet of siding per gallon of paint. If you have a lot of bare wood showing on your home, the first coat is only going to cover about 200 square feet.

Based on all those variables I would say that your house should cost about $2,500-$3,200 to have painted. That range is based on hiring a painting contractor to do all the work including prep work and two coats of exterior paint brushed on. If your painting contractor sprays the paint, the price could be lower and if the home doesn't require much prep work, the costs could be substantially lower. The current state of new home building around Houston, Texas might allow you to get a much better price for your exterior painting, but make sure you use an experienced and reputable contractor for the work. When times are slow in the construction industry many people think they can become painters and their work is not always the best.

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