How much would it cost to add a small kitchen in the basement?

Answered by Jeffrey ~ September 18, 2010 ~ Comments

My basement basically has everything the upper level of the house has except a kitchen area. Even though there is mini-fridge for refreshments a kitchenette would make it more functional. Aside from the utility room, there is 1500 sq ft that includes a bedroom w/full bath, craft room, office, dining area and extremely spacious great-room. Approximately how much would it cost to add a small kitchen area?

Mike ~ Chicago, Illinois

Jeffrey Anderson

Hi Mike, this is one of those questions that can have many different answers, but the most accurate answer is that a basement kitchen can pretty much cost whatever you want to spend.

It sounds like you already have plumbing in the basement with a utility room and full bath located down there. If your electric panel box is located in the utility room, that makes it even easier. If it happens to be located in a garage a distance from the basement, that could complicate things a little.

I say that a basement kitchen can cost whatever you want to spend because it can be very simple, you can do a lot of the work yourself, and you may get by with spending very little. You can take a corner of your great-room that is close to available plumbing at the utility room or the bathroom and add a couple of inexpensive cabinets, a bar sink and electrical outlets for your mini-fridge and a microwave and you are all set. A five or six foot Formica countertop that can be purchased at most home improvement stores would work fine. The floor covering is already there and it's possible that any wall damage would be covered by the cabinets. An arrangement such as this should cost under $1,000 depending on how much work the plumber and electrician have to do and how inexpensive your cabinets are.

On the other hand you might want to add a full kitchen which would require some framing and sheetrock and different floorcovering. You might want to use more and better quality cabinets and purchase a small stove, refrigerator, and dishwasher. Since the kitchen would be partially enclosed you'd probably want separate lighting for the space. As you can imagine the costs on a basement kitchen like this can go up rather quickly. You'd probably want to hire a general contractor to organize the work unless you're a skilled DIYer and that contractor would need to bring in a plumber, electrician, sheetrocker, and a flooring company. You might want higher quality countertops for a kitchen like this and perhaps go with granite or tile.

The costs on a kitchen like this would be difficult to guess especially if you elect to go with high end appliances, but I would say you could easily be in the $8,000 to $12,000 range very quickly. If you do want a kitchen like this, I would recommend that you look for a kitchen design center around where you live in Chicago, Illinois as they can probably assist with the layout of the basement kitchen and save you some costs on the project.

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