How much will it cost to do a small walk-in bedroom closet?

Answered by Brett ~ September 22, 2010 ~ Comments

The closet is about 11ft long and 6ft wide. I like t have custom shelves, drawers and area for hanging. Looking for the least expensive option and ideas.

Angela ~ Chicago, Illinois

Brett Kulina

Angela, adding a small walk-in closet to your bedroom could be a pretty straightforward home improvement project, especially if the closet can be built without having to cut into any existing walls. If that is the case, then your project could unfold like this:

-Frame the closet walls with 2x4's, attaching them securely to existing wall studs and ceiling rafters. When framing the closet walls make sure to install plenty of horizontal nailers between the studs so that you can attach shelving, closet rods, and a full length mirror to them. You may also want to consider installing a pocket door for easy access to the closet, plus the door will remain hidden and out of your way when opened.

-The finished walls of the walk-in closet should match the bedroom's existing walls. If this requires taping and texturing some sheet rock, make sure that the floor and other areas of your bedroom are well protected from the mess and the dust which sheet rock creates. You may also want to consider installing red cedar paneling on the inside of the closet walls, which could give the closet a custom look and feel.

-Instead of purchasing a pre-fabricated closet system of shelving and drawers, consider building fixed shelves within the closet and using a freestanding dresser. This option might save you a little money and probably a lot of construction time.

A skilled carpenter or handyman might be able to complete this type of project for under $2000, although the costs could go up if you opt for built in drawers instead of a free standing dresser. My advice would be to keep the closet simple and functional, and choose a contractor who can complete the project with a fixed budget and time frame. Good luck and enjoy the new walk-in closet!

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