How Much Will It Cost for a Kitchen Drop-in Sink

Answered by Brendan ~ May 11, 2010 ~ No Comments

I've been planning on replacing the kitchen drop-in sink at our condo, but the hole in the countertop looks like a custom size. I don't want to spend a fortune making modifications to the counter top. Can you suggest something that works?

Danny R ~ Washington, D.C.

Brendan Fowler

A drop in or self-rimming sink install is a very straightforward procedure in virtually any countertop no matter what the material. Every drop in sink comes with a template for the hole to cut out which will accommodate the sink. Lay out the template on the countertop to make sure the new sink will fit, and then use a 4.5" angle grinder to cut the hole if the countertop is stone, or tile and a jig saw with the appropriate blade for most every other surface. Attach the faucet, air gap, soap dispenser, air switch etc, to the sink before you set it in the hole. Follow the manufacturers attachment recommendations, hook up the under sink plumbing and you are done. Even if the old hole in the countertop is custom, as long as you select a new sink that requires a slightly larger or same size hole you should be fine. Because the new sink will be larger than the hole you cut, the cut will not need to be perfect to achieve a beautiful install. Kitchen sinks can cost as little as $100 and on up into the thousands, the same goes for faucets. Good Luck!

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