How much to replace old hand-crank windows?

Answered by Brendan ~ April 20, 2010 ~ Comments

I take care of the 93 yr old lady next door, known her for 40 years. She needs to replace three windows that have hand crank openers. She wants something easy to open and in her buget. What kind of cost am I looking at?

Deb R. ~ San Diego, California

Brendan Fowler

Without seeing the windows that need to be replaced it is going to be tricky to give you anything but an approximate budget. The most economical way to replace windows is to install vinyl retrofit windows into the old window opening. Depending on the type of window you are going to replace the cost will vary because there will more labor for the install on some types of windows. If it is an existing, structurally sound, window opening, that you are going to use a vinyl retrofit window in, depending on the size of the window, figure $300-$700 per window.

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