How much might it cost to redo the plumbing in my house?

Answered by Brendan ~ April 23, 2012 ~ Comments

The plumbing in my 43 year old house has issues(rusty galvanized pipes), and I have decided that it is time to redo all the plumbing. Do you have any idea how much it might cost to replumb a 1300 sq.ft. house that has 1 and 1/2 baths? Thanks for any help.

Adonna ~ San Felipe, TX

Brendan Fowler

It is very difficult to estimate what re-piping a home might cost without actually seeing the house first. Homes on slabs are very difficult to re-pipe, you have to open up walls to run the new plumbing or cut the slab to run the new pipes. Either way it is very expensive. If you have a crawl space it makes things easier but you will still need to cut open walls to get to shower valves and tub valves. If these valves are located on exterior walls it can add significant expense. I have re-done the water supply lines in a home for as little as $2000 and I have also redone water lines in a home on a slab where we had to cut the slab to run the new plumbing, that job was $15,000. The best way to get a price for the work you want done is to call a local plumbing contractor and have them bid the job. Generally, a plumbing contractor will price to job for free. I wish I could help more with the costing out of your job, but without more information and seeing the job I am not going to be able to be all that helpful. Good Luck!

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