How much is the average cost to install a wetbar?

Answered by Jeffrey ~ February 22, 2010 ~ No Comments

How much is the average cost to install a wetbar (includes running plumbing and electric)?

Mike ~ Wilmington, Delaware

Jeffrey Anderson

Hi Mike, This is a difficult question to answer, as everyone has a different idea of what a wetbar should consist of. The location of the wetbar also plays a part in coming up with a price. If the wetbar is going to be located a distance from available plumbing supply and drain lines, and the basement is already finished, costs could add up quickly.

I am going to assume that the basement is unfinished, and that available plumbing is fairly close. A basic wetbar setup, with about three decent base cabinets, a Formica countertop, a wetbar sink and faucet, and an electric outlet or two above the countertop, should be in the $2500-$3000 price range. I am not sure of the pricing in Wilmington, Delaware, but now ought to be a good time to proceed with the project, as a lot of good contractors are looking for work, and you should get a good price.

You will need to be careful that you stay within your budget, I have seen many wetbars start out to be an average, and all of a sudden we were installing two level granite countertops, wine coolers, built in microwaves, mini-dishwashers, etc. Average wetbars can escalate to well over $10,000 in no time at all.

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