How Much Paint Will I Need to Paint the Exterior of My House?

Answered by Brendan ~ November 9, 2011 ~ No Comments

How much paint do I need to paint the exterior of a 1,000 square foot home?

Roger F. ~ Tulsa, OK

Brendan Fowler

You can estimate 250 to 350 square feet per gallon of paint for the exterior of your home. Rough, porous surfaces like stucco or brick will use more paint than smooth surfaces like aluminum. You will need to factor some extra paint for trim, and primer if there are any surfaces where old finishes may be loose or flakey. Do not forget to factor in roof overhangs and or roof soffits, because they can use up lots of paint. The amount of paint required to cover your home will also depend on the height of the exterior walls on your home, the type of exterior finish, if you have a hip roof or a gable roof, length of overhangs, amount of trim, and the condition of the existing paint. If your home has a hip roof and is a perfect square with eight foot walls and sixteen inch overhangs, I estimate you would use 5-6 gallons of paint for the body and 1-2 gallons for trim. Good Luck!

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