How much does metal roofing installation cost?

Answered by Jeffrey Anderson ~ December 5, 2012 ~ No Comments

How much would it cost for installation for metal roofing?

Frieda S. - Pueblo of Acoma, NM

Jeffrey Anderson

Frieda, I'm not sure if you're just asking about the labor costs for installation or if you are also inquiring about the material pricing? Regardless, there are too many variables involved to give you anything other than a very, very approximate price.

If you are purchasing the metal yourself or already have it on site, the roofing contractor's labor can be affected by various jobsite conditions. The height of the roof, how steep it is, and the amount of dormers, gables, and valleys can all cause their pricing to go up or down.

Another consideration is your exiting roofing material: if it has to come off before the metal goes on, that can add to the labor costs. The type of metal roofing can also be an issue as some are more difficult to install than others. Lastly, the current labor rates for roofing in your area can have a large impact on the quotes you receive.

If you are inquiring about the cost of the metal itself, there are even more variables that can affect pricing than those for labor. Metal roofing is available in many styles and configurations such as panels, shingles, and shakes -- there are different costs for almost all of the different options.

Material pricing also varies depending on whether you choose a plain corrugated metal or go with those with pre-finished colors. Even the type of metal can have an impact on the costs: steel and aluminum are a little more budget-friendly, but copper can be fairly expensive.

My recommendation would be to choose a particular type of metal roofing, determine a style, and then have some local roofing contractors prepare estimates for the project. That way they'll have an opportunity to see the actual roof, and you shouldn't have any unpleasant surprises.

However, for general budgeting purposes, I can provide a few approximate figures from the R.S. Means Repair and Remodeling Cost Data guidebook. Their data suggests that .024 inch gauge aluminum roofing costs about $1.80 a square foot for a painted selection and installation labor should be another $1.10 per square foot. If you go with prefinished steel in a 26 gauge, figure on about $1.85 a square foot for the material and $1.32 for labor.

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