How much does it cost to build a one car garage?

Answered by Brett ~ March 14, 2012 ~ Comments

I want to build a 1 car garage on my property, about 18'x22'. What is the average cost of building a garage? What size garage door should I use? Thanks.

Stephen G. ~ Reading, PA

Brett Kulina

Stephen, although the cost to build your one-car garage will vary depending on the details of the structure's design and the specific building materials used, you can expect to spend between $45 and $60 per sq.ft. on a new garage. Of course, costs can skyrocket rapidly if you select popular upgrades such as cedar siding, in-floor radiant heat, and wood garage doors and windows. Likewise, you can probably trim the project's overall construction costs if you opt for vinyl windows, T-111 siding, and a fiberglass or steel garage door.

When selecting a garage door for your project, there are many styles and sizes to choose from. If your one-car garage is going to be 18-feet wide on the gable end, then you could install an 8-foot or 10-foot wide garage door. Depending on the height of the structure's walls, your garage door could be 7-feet, 8-feet, or even 9-feet tall. Keep in mind that many large trucks and SUVs can not fit under a 7-foot tall garage door, especially if the vehicle is equipped with a ski rack or luggage carrier. Personally, I would install a garage door that is big enough to accommodate a large SUV, boat, or trailer, as you never know what your future needs might be.

If you want plenty of interior head room in your garage, then you might opt for 10-foot tall walls, which would allow you to install a 9-foot tall garage door. When framing your garage walls, the garage door rough opening is usually sized to match the finished dimensions of the door (for example a 10-foot wide garage door requires a 10-foot wide rough opening). Another option to consider is extra storage area, which can be created by installing specifically designed attic roof trusses. Depending on how much attic storage space you need, you can increase the potential head room in the attic by increasing the overall height and pitch of the structure's roof.

Perhaps, the best way for you to proceed with your project is to first create some drawings that show the planned dimensions and elevations of your garage, including the openings needed for the garage door, the windows and other doorways. Even a crude drawing can help when ordering materials, gathering cost estimates from contractors, or applying for a building permit. Good luck with your project.

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