How much does it cost to add a sink in a bathroom?

Answered by Brendan ~ May 14, 2012 ~ No Comments

What might it cost to add a double sink vanity to a bathroom? Currently there is a small vanity with a single sink in the bathroom?

Catherine ~ Leesburg, VA

Brendan Fowler

It is very difficult to estimate what a job might cost with so little information, but I will try to break it down into small pieces that will help shed some light on costs. There will be some demolition and disposal fees of the old vanity, est. $250. New hot and cold water supplies, 4 new angle stops, and a new drain connection, est. $400. Sheetrock patch, est. $100. New vanity, two new sinks, two new faucets, 4 water supply lines, 2 p-traps, new counter top(cultured stone) and backsplash, est. $1500. Installation of all the new vanity items, est. $400. This totals about $2700. This estimation of costs does not consider touch up painting, floor repairs, electrical modifications, permits and fees, or even the fact that a double sink vanity in the space may require a toilet to be moved or a shower door to change handing. All in all, my numbers are based on broad assumptions so figure a range of $2200 to $5000 to change out your vanity.

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