How much does it cost to add a bathroom on to a house?

Answered by Jeffrey ~ February 21, 2012 ~ Comments

We have a small 3BR/1BA house and would like to add a full bath onto the main level of our home. The new bathroom would be about 10'x10' and would be on a new slab foundation connected to the back gable end of the house. With new walls, a shed roof with asphalt shingles, and cedar lapp siding...how much should we budget for a project like this? Thanks in advance.

Jackson ~ Griffin, GA

Jeffrey Anderson

Hi Jackson. A bathroom addition might be the most difficult home improvement project to assign an approximate square foot cost to as there are so many variables involved in their construction. However, some might argue that kitchen remodeling projects can be a little tougher to price. The actual room can be estimated fairly easily as materials such as asphalt shingles and wood siding are very common. The problem arises when trying to figure out the cost of fixtures and finishes. Getting water supply and drain lines to the addition can also greatly affect your project's final cost.

A good price range for a bathroom addition might be $150 to $250 a square foot and where you end up can depend on just how expensive your tastes happen to be. If you visit a local home improvement store around Griffin, it should be easy to see just how much fixtures can vary in cost. A simple tub can run a few hundred dollars, but if you want a spa with adjustable jets and its own heat source, prices can run into the thousands. Marble vanity tops can be much more costly than cultured marble and a fiberglass shower stall can be more budget friendly than imported ceramic tile.

The project should be able to come in close to $150 per square foot if you use a little restraint when shopping for fixtures and finishes, but could easily hit $250 or even higher if you're not careful. My suggestion would be to sit down with a local Griffin contractor to discuss what your needs are and an approximate budget number you hope to meet. The bathroom can then be designed and built to fit your family's lifestyle and cost constraints.

Getting at least three estimates is also a good method for ensuring that you're receiving fair prices for the bathroom remodel. Each contractor should visit the site to determine the best method for getting plumbing to the new bathroom location. The supply lines shouldn't be too much of a problem, but the drain lines may require some excavation work -- especially if your existing home is also on a slab.

A major benefit of this type of remodeling project is that you may get quite a bit of the costs involved in adding the bathroom back when the time comes to sell your house. A second bathroom almost always increases the value of a home.

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