How much does hardwood flooring cost?

Answered by Jeffrey ~ January 15, 2012 ~ Comments

I have 5 rooms and a total of 950sqft. What should the price of materials and installation be?

Larry ~ Pomona, Ca.

Jeffrey Anderson

It can be very difficult to price hardwood flooring simply by the square foot as there are so many variables involved when doing an estimate. The type of flooring you select often has the largest potential effect on the costs. The price spectrum ranges from lower cost options such as laminates and engineered wood flooring to the more expensive selections such as prefinished and sand and finish in place solid hardwoods. Laminates are not really hardwood, but due to some style's appearance, many people consider it to be a type of wood flooring.

When selecting a hardwood flooring, keep in mind that your subfloor may play a part in the decision. If you have a wood subfloor, you can install just about any type of hardwood flooring manufacturers offer. However, if you are doing a flooring installation over concrete, engineered wood flooring and laminate are the best and most economical choices.

Once you decide on a type of hardwood flooring, the wood species you choose can also affect your flooring costs. Common woods such as oak and maple are generally less expensive than rarer species like cherry or walnut. Exotics from other countries such as Brazilian cherry or mahogany often top the price list.

Installation costs also contribute to your final flooring costs. Most laminate floors are very DIY-friendly so you may be able to handle the project yourself. Engineered and prefinished solid wood flooring might be considered intermediate level when it comes to DIY installation so if you're not a seasoned home improvement pro, hiring a flooring contractor might be a good decision. At the high end is sand and finish in place solid hardwood flooring and that should almost always be left to a professional flooring contractor.

So to answer your question, I suggest you visit a home improvement store or flooring distributor in Pomona to make a decision has to what type of hardwood flooring is right for your application. Once you make a selection and know more about the installation method, it should be much easier to arrive at some fairly accurate flooring costs.

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