How long does it take to install a new exterior door?

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I would like to have a new exterior door installed in my bedroom. Because my house is sided with brick, do you think it would be best to install the new door in one of the existing window openings? How many hours would it take a contractor to do this sort of job? Thanks!

K. Anz ~ Rhome, TX

Jeffrey Anderson

Hi K. I believe it would be easier to install your new exterior door in one of the existing window openings. Using the opening should reduce the amount of time required to do the project a bit and would also eliminate the loss of additional usable wall space in your bedroom.

A contractor can use a masonry saw to cut the outline of the new door through the brick siding. There should be quite a few brick that will need to be removed under the window to allow the door to be set in place. If they are careful when taking the brick out, the units can be cleaned up and used to fill the space created by the different height of the door. That would be the best solution as it can sometimes be difficult to match older brick. However, if that isn't an option, there are decorative masonry door head pieces available that can be used to fill some of that space.

It can be difficult to price a project such as this without seeing it as there may be some variables that can affect the cost. If there are any wiring, plumbing, or mechanical lines in the wall below the window, they will need to be moved before the door can be installed. I know many Texas homes are built on slabs, but if you have a basement and there is an HVAC register located in the floor below the window, it should be moved. A register located in a doorway can collect debris easily.

Cutting the brick, adjusting the framing, and installing the door should take about one to two days for a two man crew. I would allow another day for a mason to replace brick as needed. I expect that you could have $400 - $600 in labor costs in addition to the cost of the door. I'm not sure what the labor rates are around Rhome so to get an accurate price, you might want to ask for an estimate from a local contractor. This would allow them to do a job site visit to determine if there are any variables such as those I mentioned that might affect the cost.

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