How do you plaster over a popcorn ceiling?

Answered by Brett ~ August 13, 2010 ~ Comments

Can I put another layer of plaster once the ceiling has been primed for painting? I can still see dimples but I don't want the plaster to fall. Will it stick on a ceiling that has primer on it? And how many coates can I put on the ceiling? Thanks

Maria D. ~ Los Angeles, California

Brett Kulina

Maria, if you have noticed some dimpling in your ceiling plaster and would like to smooth the surface before painting it, then you can apply a small amount of plaster to the dimpled area. In order to get the best possible adhesion, you should first sand the area in need of repair with some course sandpaper in order to scuff up the surface. Then wipe the area clean with a damp sponge to ensure that you have removed all the dust and loose plaster. Remember to re-prime the repaired area before you apply the final coat of paint.

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