How do you pick between all the different siding companies?

Answered by Jeffrey ~ February 19, 2010 ~ Comments

How do you pick between all the different siding companies? How do you base your decision on what product to use?

D.L. ~ Grass Valley, California

Jeffrey Anderson

Hi D.L., There are a lot of factors which can come into play when deciding what type of siding to use, and which contractor you should hire. Let's talk about type of siding first. If I was going to side my house, I would first try to figure out which were my favorite exterior finishes. I would look through magazines, and drive through neighborhoods, and pick out several that I found very attractive. I would then try to research them a little, try to find out what the pros and cons of each were. I would narrow my choices down to around three, and then get an estimate on each to see how they fit into my budget. Once a siding contractor knows how many squares of siding your house will take, it shouldn't be too much of a problem for them to plug in different material and possibly labor costs for the different types of siding.

I would also want to pick a siding that was popular in your area of California. Be careful that you don't pick a siding that could hurt the value of your home, because it's unpopular in that area.

As far as selecting a siding contractor, the first thing I would want to see is a list of references. I would want to talk to some customers who had siding installed about 6 months ago, or even longer, to see how they liked the contractor, and how the siding job was holding up. If the references are okay, make sure the contractor is licensed and has insurance. And if everything checks out, I would also go with my "gut" feeling. This is a company that will be working on your house for probably at least a week, do you feel alright with that?

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