How Do You Install Carpet Floor Tiles?

Answered by Brett ~ November 15, 2010 ~ Comments

We are remodeling a bedroom and are going to redo the floors. Right now they are wood, but we would like to have a pattern made with carpet tiles. I have never done a project like this, but it seems simple. Any advice?

Leanne ~ Missoual, MT

Brett Kulina

Leanne, installing carpet tiles is very straightforward, which makes them a perfect choice for homeowners who don't have much home remodeling experience. Self adhesive carpet tiles are the easiest to install, because you don't have to brush on any glue or contact cement and they can usually be trimmed with just a basic utility knife. One company that has a wide selection of carpet tiles is FLOR, and you can check out all of their available styles and colors to get some ideas for your bedroom remodeling project.

If your existing wood floor is in good shape, then you can probably install the carpet tiles directly onto it. Although if the floor has cracks, dents, or low spots in it, then you may have to lay down a plywood underlayment before you install the tiles. Keep in mind that imperfections in the substrate surface can telegraph through the carpet tiles, because the tiles are often thin and when using carpet tiles, you don't have the cushioning benefit of a underlying carpet pad.

If you do need to install an underlayment, then you can use 1/4-inch plywood sheets, which are nailed and glued to the existing floors with 2-inch ring shank nails and construction adhesive. Be aware that when you do this, your finished floor height is going to increased by a 1/4-inch (plus the thickness of the carpet tile), so make sure that the new floor height will not interfere with the doors operation or threshold transition. If the door to your room will not swing freely because of an increased floor height, then skip the underlayment and try to level the existing floor with wood filler or floor leveling compound. Then install the tiles directly to the newly prepped floor.

Good luck with your project and I hope you enjoy your new bedroom floors.

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