How do I hire a replacement contractor?

Answered by Brendan ~ February 14, 2010 ~ No Comments

We hired a "friend" to do a partial remodel of our hall bath. He has been a cabinet maker by trade and done remodeling on his own house. He has quit working on it and we can't even reach him. It's mostly finished but we aren't able to do it ourselves. The shower is installed but the faucet doesn't work right and the flooring is incomplete. What is the best way to approach a contractor to finish up and likely re-do some of the things that weren't done properly (drywall, some flooring, trim, etc.?)

Lisa ~ Springtown, Texas

Brendan Fowler

Hiring a contractor for this type of job is really no different than hiring a contractor for any other job. Select only contractors that are licensed, insured, and bonded, check their references, select a contractor that is capable of undertaking the type of work your are looking to get accomplished.

Meet with multiple contractors and have a very clear idea as to the scope of work that is to be accomplished so that as pricing starts to come back from the contractors you know that everyone is on the same page. Even small jobs can go on for a long time so it is also a good idea to try and pick a contractor that you will like to work with. Make sure that there are signed contracts for everyone involved before the job starts or re-starts in your case. Good luck.

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