How do I get rid of my unsightly oven cord?

Answered by Jeffrey Anderson ~ April 7, 2014 ~ No Comments

I recently remodeled my kitchen and noticed when we took the cabinets down that the previous owners installed the oven's electrical cord wrong. It goes from behind the oven, up the wall, and through the wall - not the ceiling - and now it's just hanging over my cabinets. I don't have soffits, and I have no idea how to go about getting rid of this cord. What do you suggest?


Jeffrey Anderson

Chris, it just goes to show that no matter how long one is in this industry, it's always possible to run across something new. But at the same time, in the remodeling and renovation industry, it's very rare that a problem can't be corrected.

Most oven wiring is run directly from the home's electric panel where it is put on a direct circuit. That means there is nothing on that wire other than that one appliance. Inside the panel box it is controlled by a double pole breaker that only affects that one circuit. That's why it's somewhat unusual that the wire to your oven comes down from the ceiling as most panel boxes are on the first floor or in the basement. The oven wire normally either comes up out of the kitchen floor or out of the wall behind the oven down close the floor level.

Getting the wire hidden again is going to require a visit from a licensed electrician. They can determine how the wire was run and whether there is enough slack to bring it down through the top of the wall behind the oven. Once through the top plate, the wire can run down inside the wall and be brought back out down near the oven. If the existing wire can be used, there will probably be a minor Sheetrock repair at the top of the wall and a small area of the ceiling.

If for some reason the wire isn't long enough for that solution, there are basically two options. Either a new wire can be run from the oven to the panel box or the wall in that area can be padded out to hide the existing wire. If a new wire must be run, then depending on the location of the panel box there could be quite a few small Sheetrock repairs. The best case scenario would be that the panel box is located in an unfinished basement and is in close proximity to underneath the kitchen area. Padding out the wall will also require Sheetrock work in the area exposed by removing the cabinet and may adversely affect the appearance of your kitchen slightly. But it should be much better than seeing the exposed wire.

Again, all electrical work should be done by a licensed electrical contractor to protect your home and family.

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