How do I fix my leaking French doors?

Answered by Jeffrey Anderson ~ May 19, 2014 ~ No Comments

I have French doors and they are leaking water into my house during bad weather. They are brand new. I had French doors that opened outward before and they never leaked. The current contractor says I need to take the doors out and replace them with a single door. I do not want to do this. Can French doors be put back in that won't leak if they open outwards again?


Jeffrey Anderson

Tanya, by leaking water into your house, I'm assuming you mean when the doors are closed and not when they are in use. If that is the case, there is no reason why French doors that open into your home should leak. The problem is one of two things or perhaps a combination of both. Either the doors or the factory weather sealing around them is faulty or there is something wrong with the installation.

My first recommendation would be to contact the customer service department of the door manufacturer. Even if they are a large company with national distribution, there should be a customer service rep who handles your region. I would explain the problem, and with the doors being brand new, they should be under the manufacturer's warranty. The customer service rep can visit your home to inspect the doors to determine if they are defective in some way and in most cases, they should have enough experience to determine if the installers followed the manufacturer's recommendations.

Don't worry about whether it's raining when the customer service rep shows up - a water hose works great for finding where water is leaking into a house. It may be a good idea for the contractor who installed the doors to be there with the manufacture's rep. That way if any issues with the installation are found that might be causing the water intrusion, they can be passed on directly.

Between the rep and the contractor, I feel certain that they should be able to locate the cause of the leak and make whatever changes are needed to stop the water intrusion. I'm assuming that the water is coming in somewhere up on the doors themselves or where they meet in the center. If it's coming in under the door slabs or the threshold, that's almost always an installation issue that may require some adjustments or a little bit of caulking.

You might want to check to be sure the water you're seeing inside your home isn't dripping off the doors when they are open. If that's the issue, installing outward opening doors ought to take care of that problem or building a small outside overhang to shelter the doors and opening from all but the most windblown rain should help keep water off the French doors.

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