How do I find out who the manufacturer is of my house vinyl siding?

Answered by Jeffrey ~ June 21, 2010 ~ Comments

The house was sided 10 years ago and the company went out of business. I need to replace some areas of the house and need th siding to match. Where do I start?

Mark ~ Port St Lucie, Florida

Jeffrey Anderson

Hi Mark, This is a very good example of why I always suggest to home owners that they get a little extra of materials. This type of situation happens with vinyl and hardwood flooring, ceramic tile, carpeting on occasion, and siding. I know you may not have lived in the house when the siding was installed, but the owner at the time could have done you a huge favor if they had kept some of the extra siding, and if it was in the original box, you would know everything about the siding.

When you say the company went out of business I'm assuming you mean the siding contractor who installed the siding and not the company that made the siding. Either way, I would start by having a local siding contractor from there in Port St. Lucie come out and take a look at your house. You would be surprised, some of these siding contractors can take a look at your house from the street and tell you exactly who the siding manufacturer was and everything about the siding.

If the siding manufacturer went out of business, it's possible they were bought out by another siding company and the siding is still available, it just goes by a different name. Unfortunately, siding like just about everything else in life changes over time, and even if you were lucky enough to find the same color and style from the same manufacturer, there is a good chance it might not match your existing siding. Weather and the Florida sun has also worked to change your siding on your home over the years.

If you are planning on siding a new addition, I would recommend finding a siding that is as close as possible to the color and style of the siding you presently have. New additions usually have a defined starting point, so it the siding isn't a perfect match it might not be as noticeable. If your siding replacement is due to some remodeling changes to the front of your home, such as adding a bay window or installing a single front door in place of what was a double door, then it is important that your siding match exactly. What I recommend in that case is to have a siding contractor remove the old siding you need off of an area of the house that isn't seen as much such as the rear of a garage or a similar place. Use that old siding for your siding replacement on the front of the house and install the siding that isn't a perfect match in the less seen area.

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