How Difficult is Refacing Cabinets?

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I have recently put new countertops, appliances, and flooring in my kitchen in Charleston, South Carolina. Now I need to do something with the cabinets, but my budget is very slim. Is re-facing cabinets a good option if the basic structure is sound? How do I go about re-facing them to match the rest of the decor?

Melissa W. ~ Charleston, South Carolina

Brendan Fowler

Refacing CabinetsYou do have options here; you can re-face, re-paint, or re-stain your doors.

A re-stain will take the most amount of time because there is going to be lots of prep work necessary to get the old cabinets ready for a new stain. This option is only a possibility if your existing cabinets are made from a wood that can be stained.

Re-painting will take the second most amount of time. There is considerable amount of prep to be done but not as much as stain prep.

Re-facing will be your fastest option but it will also cost the most. One thing to consider on the re-face is if the new doors are going to match the wood and color of the old cabinets where the face frames or sides will still be visible and not covered by the new doors.

There are many companies that sell doors for re-facing your cabinets if you are planning to do it yourself. There are also many companies that specialize in cabinet re-facing if you want to hire someone for the job. Some web based research is a great way to start this process.

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