How deep should a sump pump waste line be buried?

Answered by Brendan ~ April 12, 2012 ~ No Comments

I am installing a sump-pump in my basement, but need to know how deep the waste line should be buried. The line will run from the basement to the ditch in front of my house. Thank you.

Mike ~ Buffalo, NY

Brendan Fowler

I am not familiar with plumbing codes in Buffalo, NY, because I work exclusively in California. However, this is what I would recommend, call your local building department and see if there are any codes that apply to sump pump outlet lines. I know that here in California there are very specific codes that apply to line depth and where sump water can be drained. In some cities sump water has to be routed into the sewer system and in others it can be treated as natural run-off. I am seeing a trend, all over California, that all water, other than rain water, must be captured and pumped into the sewer system. In rural areas, I have not seen any issues. I hope this helped!

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