How can you tell how many coats of paint were put on a wall?

Answered by Brendan ~ November 14, 2010 ~ Comments

I hired a painter to prime and paint 2 coats throughout an office building. He swears he painted a second coat but there seems to be no difference between what I saw after the first coat and now. How can I tell if he really did put a second coat of paint on the walls?

Margie ~ Chicago, Illinois

Brendan Fowler

Once a wall is primed and painted with the first color coat, the second color coat should look just like the first. The second coat is to ensure that there are no show-through thin spots and consistent color on the wall. If your painter applied a very thick first coat, the second coat will simply add more paint not more color. If your paint job looks thin, splotchy with inconsistent color, then an additional coat may be necessary. There is no specific way to tell if a second coat of the same color has been applied to a wall that I am aware of. If you are unhappy with the way the paint job turned out, I would explain to the painter what you don't like about the finished product. If you want the wall to look different with another coat of the same color, you will continue to be disappointed. Paint does not change shade with more applications. If a deeper, richer, color is what you are after, than a new color is needed.

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