How can we make a basement remodel green?

Answered by Jeffrey ~ March 23, 2010 ~ No Comments

We are remodeling our basement and turning it into a family media room for when our kids come home to North Carolina from college. They are both majoring in environmental studies, and we want to surprise them with a green remodeling effort for this new room. Please give us some tips on some of the important parts of the project that will make this a green remodel.

Phil R. ~ Jacksonville, North Carolina

Jeffrey Anderson

Hi Phil, What a great idea, I'm sure your children will appreciate your efforts, and the environment will appreciate it as well. Green technology has advanced to where just about any phase of remodeling has green options. I lived in Jacksonville, North Carolina many years ago, and I know it can get chilly there. If you are looking for supplemental heat, you might think about a pellet stove that burns pellets made of wood waste.

I was just reading about a new drywall type material that is made from recycled products, I believe it is called Eco-Rock. Paint companies have varieties of their paint that can now be certified as green by independent testing. Look for a green seal on the cans. There are many floor coverings now that are considered to be green, such as bamboo, cork, or reclaimed lumber. Any basement framing that you might need to do can be done with FSC certified lumber, which does not come from old growth forests. If you are thinking of installing a wet bar, there are countertops which are made from recycled glass, and they are durable and attractive.

If you do a little research on the Internet, and talk to salespeople at your local home improvement stores, I think you can probably use green products for your entire remodeling project.

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