How can we get rid of black mold on bathroom walls?

Answered by Jeffrey ~ March 25, 2010 ~ Comments

There is black mold (small dots) on our bathroom walls. We have tried everything to get rid of it ourselves, such as spraying with bleach and mold remover, but it keeps coming back. Could it be that it is just too humid here in Louisiana to completely get rid of mold in bathrooms? Can we get rid of it by painting over the mold?

Donna S. ~ Alexandria, Louisiana

Jeffrey Anderson

Hi Donna, I'm sure mold is a problem for everyone in Alexandria, and probably all of Louisiana due to the high humidity. If you are already using bleach and mold remover, and it still keeps coming back, then perhaps trying to eliminate some of the humidity is the next step. You don't mention if you have a ventilation fan in your bathroom. If you don't, then I recommend that you try to get one installed, as they can be a big help in removing humidity. A local HVAC or electrical contractor should be able to install a unit without too much trouble.

My other suggestion would be to wipe down the shower after using it, so that some of the moisture is eliminated immediately. By doing that, the remaining moisture should dissipate a little sooner. As far as the mold that you have on your walls, once you have gone over it with a bleach solution, and all that remains are the stains, there is a product call Kilz that is available at paint stores. It is pretty good for using as a primer over stains, and then paint over it with your normal paint. There are probably other products that work just as well, but that is what I have always used.

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