How can I seal the gaps around my front door?

Answered by Brendan ~ April 23, 2012 ~ No Comments

My home's front door has a gap at the top and along its sides, where I can see daylight and feel cold air. What can I use to seal the gaps that will be flexible enough to move with the wood door as it shrinks and swells with the changing seasons? Thanks in advance.

Margarita ~ Oakland, CA

Brendan Fowler

I think your best weather-strip solution will be the vinyl bulb style weather-strip. This is a hollow vinyl tube attached to a metal track. The vinyl is compressible so it can accommodate movement in your door. It is easily installed and comes with all the screws you will need to install it. It installs directly to your door stop, it comes in multiple colors, and it is widely available. This would be my recommendation. Good Luck!

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