How can I remove wallpaper that has been put up with glue and not water?

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How can I remove wallpaper that has been put up with glue and not water? It is vinyl wallpaper. I installed it myself after priming and cleaning the old wall.

Nancy ~ Fort Worth, Texas

Brendan Fowler

There are many different techniques you can use to remove glued on wallpaper. The best way is to score and soak the wallpaper and then scrape it off. There are scoring tools available at most hardware stores or you can use a utility knife. Be careful when scoring the wall with a knife and do not go too deep; cut just deep enough to penetrate the paper/vinyl in a criss-cross pattern. Since you have vinyl wallpaper it is going to be water resistant' so a thorough scoring will be necessary to allow moisture to get to the glue. You can soak with plain hot water, or use a mild detergent solution (tablespoon per bucket of hot water), or fabric softener solution of 25% in hot water. You can use a 20% vinegar solution in hot water, or you can use a wallpaper specific chemical stripper. Brush, roll, spray or sponge the solution on the wallpaper until the glue begins to soften, and scrape it off. Work only one area at a time, an area small enough that your saturated wallpaper does not begin to dry before you begin the scraping. A hot solution works best so keep it fresh and hot. This is an extremely messy job so take the appropriate measures to protect the contents of the room. Once you get the job rolling, you will quickly see if one technique is going to work better than another, you may need to experiment a bit before you get the process to work efficiently. Good Luck!

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