How can I install my kitchen faucet if the holes in the countertop were drilled too big?

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The holes in my new granite counter tops were drilled to big for the faucet plumbing. Now the faucet will not sit firm because the nut on the underside of the counter is not big enough for the over-sized holes. Is there an easy fix for this problem?

Suzanne ~ San Fransisco, CA

Brendan Fowler


I believe there is a fix for the problem but I am not sure if it will fall into the easy category. What you need is a special washer for the faucet nut to run up against that is also large enough to catch the underside of the granite. This may be a washer that can be found at a hardware store. If a single washer does not work maybe a couple of different sized washer stacked will do the trick. If there is nothing that will work from a hardware store you may need to have a custom washer made and most metal fabrication shops and or welding shops could easily make one for you. I think if you bring the faucet to a shop that can make a custom washer and you explain how big the washer needs to be to catch the granite, it will be easy to make. Once you have the right washer I think it will be easy to fix. Good Luck!

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