How can I hook up a washer and dryer?

Answered by Brett ~ January 31, 2012 ~ No Comments

My house has no hook ups on the main floor for a washer and dryer. I would like to install a W & D in my mudroom, where do I begin?

Martha ~ Spokane,WA

Brett Kulina

Martha, if your home's mudroom has no electrical outlets or plumbing lines for your new washer and dryer, then at the very least you will need to hire a licensed plumber and an electrician to install these needed connections for you. A washing machine requires both a hot and cold water supply, as well as a waste line. Typically, a washing machine also requires a dedicated 20 amp breaker and circuit, but keep in mind that most clothes dryers require at least a dedicated 30 amp (220 volt) outlet. Hiring a licensed electrician who works in the Spokane area, is the best way to insure that all of these important electrical connections meet local codes and are installed correctly.

Aside from the electrical and plumbing hookups, your new dryer will also need to be vented to the outside of your house. Oftentimes a 4-inch louvered wall vent will be adequate for a clothes dryer, but you should follow all of the installation guidelines provided with your specific appliances. The dryer is connected to the wall vent via a length of flexible ducting, which can not be too long or contorted, as this will cause the dryer duct to clog with lint. Installing a wall vent may not be that difficult for a seasoned DIY'er, but you can hire a contractor to help you with this portion of the project as well. Whoever installs the wall vent will need to cut a hole in an exterior wall of your house without damaging the wall framing, or any electrical lines or plumbing pipes that are buried in the wall. The louvered vent must also be installed on the outside of your house in such a way that it can be made weather tight and if possible, the vent should be located in an inconspicuous location against the exterior siding.

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